Waffle House

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09/05/2012 by Hannah R.

Have you noticed how much college students go to Waffle House? In Sarajevo, there is a serious lacking in any fast food, much less Waffle House. What is it about Waffle House that appeals to so many of us broke college students? Maybe its the fact that since college students are known to stay up to un-Godly hours every night, they need a place that’s convenient, open 24/7, and somewhere were the food is relatively decent and cheap. All that to somehow spell out Waffle House. Now, I don’t know about where you live, but in Columbia, the Waffle Houses aren’t really the most clean establishments in the world. Far from it. I heard someone say once that one should never drink straight from a WH cup, but instead to drink your water/chocolate milk/soda through a straw. Now this might make some people uneasy. Maybe make them think twice before going to Waffle House again. But not me. Me and my roommate and our friends will troop all over to Waffle House quite often and enjoy the dollar menu and funny waitresses. Even if you only get a water, it’s worth the experience to sit in that booth and laugh your head off at whatever funny joke your friends have said. College students in Waffle House after eleven are given a certain amount of lee-way when it comes to acting ridiculous together. I mean after all, you are there on a weekend, right? Oh you aren’t? And you have to be back on campus before two? Interesting…

Well as far as me and my friends are concerned, Waffle House will be an ever present fast food establishment where we can just chill together and be stupid and have a fantastic time. So next time you go to a Waffle House, get their chocolate chip waffles, their chocolate milk, bring a few friends, and don’t forget to be back on campus before curfew!



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