Holy Chicken Fish and Dang Flapjacks

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09/14/2012 by Hannah R.

CHICKEN-FISH-4223Have you ever said “Darn”, “Crap”, or “Oh my gosh” and people have freaked out? In your head, you’re though, “Really? All I said was darn… it’s not like I used foul language or something!” Here is where I insert an MK quote about how not all MK’s are conservative like this and actually use darn, and crap as well as some using more colorful phrases. When I was little I used to say “Boomerang” every time something happened. Here’s an example:

Go back a few years. Like ten. I’m eight years old and in the kitchen doing dishes. I pick up a spoon that’s covered in suds to rinse it off and put it into the drying rack. My apron is tied around my waist and like the imaginative kid that I am, I’m pretending that I’m Cinderella and doing my chores for the ugly stepsisters and stepmother. Whistling perhaps, and thinking about what I’ll do next after I’ve done the dishes. Perhaps I shall go out and clean the horse stables (kitty litter box), or perchance I shall manicure the grounds (rake the yard). I turn on the water and stick the spoon under, not thinking at all of the spoon in my left hand. (If you’ve ever done dishes with spoons then you’ll probably know what happened.) The upturned spoon makes a shower of water to spray in all directions causing me to almost fall off my chair and the first word out of my mouth is “Boomerang!”

My mother looks fondly back on the days when I said ‘boomerang’ and such words that made her laugh. Another phrase I think I said was like ‘monkey-madness’ or something of the sort. Either way, here I am at college and noticing the phrases that people use. Most common of them is ‘crap’ which my mom says makes her think of a pile of poop. Love you, Mom! So a few weeks ago I found myself saying “Dang flapjacks”. Yepp, you heard me right. Dang. Flap. Jacks. Don’t ask me where it came from, but suddenly I would remember I had forgotten a book for class and would mumble “Dang flapjacks, I need to go get that book…”. I’m quite amused at myself for coming up with such geniusness. Do you sometimes wonder where these phrases came from? Let’s take ‘darn’ as an example. I don’t think darn is a word used in normal conversations except for when you’ve forgotten something or you’ve remembered something. Apparently it’s from the Middle English of the 1500s. I means to mend or repair the weave of socks or other woolen or knit items. Now some people use it as a substitute for a certain swear word. But it means to mend woven fabric. (Thanks to wiki.answers.com for that little tidbit of info.) In my personal and humble opinion, I believe some dude was sewing and poked his finger with the needle and out came “DARN!”. Or so I believe. 😉

Another example of something I’ve said that just popped out and for which I have no idea where the origin may be, is Holy Chicken Fish. I was in the shower, enjoying the hot water after a good workout and as I glanced up, I noticed an as-huge-as-three-quarters-sized spider next to the light. Guess what came out.


As soon as I said it, I cracked up laughing at my own phraseology. I must say I love my brain. I don’t know where I come up with stuff like this, but it always makes me laugh. So what have you said lately that made you laugh at yourself and wonder where that came from? Send me an email or comment or not. You know, whatever floats your boat. Whatever burns your toast. Whatever…oh never mind. You get the picture.

Happy Hunting!


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