Chipmunks, Wisdom, and Rubber Bands

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05/31/2013 by Hannah R.

darla (Large)Chipmunks are very American animals, second only to the squirrel. A lot of people think of them as pests, including my parents (we currently have a family of chipmunks living under our kitchen so I can see their frostiness on the subject). I, personally, love chipmunks. I think their faces are just so adorable and though their tails have been compared to rats, I think it’s quite adorable.

But I’m not really going to talk about the animal chipmunk. I’m going to talk about the Hannah chipmunk. This extraordinary species comes only from one area: College Street, Jonesboro, GA. On this street you will find the Hannah Chipmunk’s habitat, burrowed into a nest that her parents have fashioned for her, snuggling her into blankets and pillows and her handy dandy laptop. One thing that must be cautioned about the Hannah Chipmunk is that she is easily amused, and excessive laughing may cause excessive bleeding. You may here slurred noised coming from this animals area in the near days of May 21, but you needn’t be alarmed. This is merely AN effect that will soon pass.

If you’re kind of confused at what I”m talking about, or if you’re spot on and are laughing in your seat as you read this, let me explain.

I, my dear friends, AM lacking two teeth of wisdom that have been precariously removed from my mouth. I got them pulled this week and I must say I really do look like a chipmunk. I mean, it’s not too bad and I only cried for an hour, so all in all I look relatively normal with glazed eyes and -er- puffy face.

The meds they have me on are making me rather loopy and I’m proud to say that my parents did actually film my exit from the operation room, with my head lolling and me slurring words about how the nurse was pretty and how people weren’t waving back when I waved at them. I honestly don’t remember much of that…

Apparently I saw Robin Hood as well?

Not really sure what THAT was about….

So Tuesday I got my two bottom wisdom teeth removed, and then Wednesday I went to the dentist to see about spacers between my teeth because GUESS WHAT!? I’m getting braces.

So happy.




Yay me.

Can you hear the sarcasm? I’m not really excited about the whole metal-mouth thing. I mean, I plan on informing everyone that my name will be officially changed to Darla. (Note the Finding Nemo reference? The girl with the dentist uncle who has headgear and who shakes the fish in the bag till she-um-kills it.) I don’t see killing fish in my future, but I do see the metal.

To be perfectly honest, I actually don’t mind that I’m getting metal in my mouth because I know that it’ll straighten out my teeth and I really do need that. On top of that, the orthodontist who is doing it is really nice and he’s doing it for free. Which I really appreciate. Orthodontic work can be pricy, and will school debt to pay off, I don’t really have the money otherwise. So even though I may gripe about the whole metal-mouth thing, I really am grateful that this is getting done.

When the doc first told me about the whole braces thing, I realized that technically if we were still using older methods, I actually WOULD have head gear. You’re picturing me with pigtails and a fish, stop it. I’M WATCHING YOU. Glad to say, though, that Dr. Hunter doesn’t think headgear actually helps much other then make you look ridiculous, which I fully appreciate. I’m heading back next Thursday to be fitted with the actual pieces and the rubber bands which will actually be the core of my metal-mouth-gear. The rubber bands will be in the back of my mouth too, which means apparently when I smile you won’t be able to even tell that I’m wearing them. I find that a little hard to believe, but we’ll se I guess.

So there you have it. Summer upon me and the chipmunks, wisdom, and rubber bands are already settling in. That’s ok though. IT’S SUMMER! No more school!

And that is definitely something to be happy about.

So wherever you are this summer, either in Europe, Camp Pinnacle, Ohio, the dentist’s office, or back at school taking summer classes, I hope your summer is filled with fun and sun!

And remember to not shake the bag!



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