Fall, Friends, & Favorites

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10/15/2013 by Hannah R.

557815_634402263256886_1419124173_nFall is fabulous. I love everything about it. The crisp air, the golden leaves, apples and pumpkins, hot tea, scarves and sweaters, and just about everything else! The way I see it, Recently, my friends and I decided to go out and enjoy the falling leaves and have a little photo shoot with each other and the beautiful weather. We do a photo shoot about once a semester and I think this might have been my personal favorite.

1237167_634403786590067_2048183094_n 558266_634403689923410_117261601_nThe four of us had some of the best props in the world (our imagination) and the CIU campus is a great location for taking pictures. One of our favorite spots is this forked tree that stands right out front of the Chapel building. It’s perfect for climbing and being silly, especially on a weekend when homework has to be done, and no one wants to do it.

l“Sheldon loves autumn. He’s looking forward to leaf surfing.”

I sometimes imagine I am a miniature dinosaur named Sheldon, who goes on adventures that no one else gets to experience because he’s so small. Sheldon can ride leaves, sneak into backpacks, hitch-hike on squirrels, etc. I’ve never surfed a wave before, but I snowboard, and I feel like that’s pretty close. Imagine “snowboarding” on a leaf. On the wind. In the air. That would be one FUN ride. Sounds like a pretty good adventure to me.

So what do you like to do in the fall? Are you the type to surf the leaves, rake them into a frenzy, or would you rather go and just lay in them? Are you a tea or coffee drinker when in comes to Autumn? And what is YOUR favorite thing to do in the fall? Write me a letter or comment below! And don’t forget to ENJOY THE WEATHER!



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