Girl Code

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10/17/2013 by Hannah R.

b68708b973a225c62b7759dfd9143cf5Ok so we’ve all heard of it. The Guy Code. A set of rules that guys everywhere follow to make sure to never be a sissy. Said code is not discussed with girls because…well, it’s a man thing ONLY. But this got me thinking… Guys say that girls are so complicated when in reality, you just have to understand how we work. Girls have our own CODE, and it’s pretty much as complicated as guy code. When it comes to understanding the opposite sex, that will NEVER be accomplished. It’s just not possible. We’re all different so we’re all going to react to things differently. As for girls understanding and getting along with other girls, it’s as simple as this: As long as you stay within the code, you’ll be just fine.

I figured that there are things in girl code that SHOULD be obvious but some miss. This isn’t being oblivious, this is just being mean. And selfish. And brat-ish. It’s called common courtesy. But since sometimes we need reminding, let me give you a short, and most definitely non-exhaustive, list.

Number 1: If your friend is crushing on a boy, don’t pursue him. If she likes him, don’t try to get his attention or number. That’s not cool! If this is done by accident, and you find out only too late that she was crushing while you were flirting, apologize and be the bigger person by backing down. And then refer to #5.

Number 2: If your friend has been dumped, DROP EVERYTHING. She’s going to be a mess and sad and emotional. As a friend you need to have the tissues in one hand and the chocolate in the other. If she wants to be left alone then leave her be (but be close by if needed). If she wants to sit on her couch and watch re-runs of New Girl, then by all means, pop the popcorn.

“You should write a book,” Ron told Hermione as he cut up his potatoes, “translating mad things girls do so boys can understand them.”
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Number 3: If your friend wants your opinion on an outfit, BE HONEST. If her outfit is too tight, low-cut, frumpy, wrinkled, tacky, or…just…you-know-the-outfit-I’m-talking-about… Then for pete’s sake, tell her. Don’t be a brat about it, but maybe mention that a plaid vest doesn’t really go with the neon heels. And if she’s REALLY wearing a red plaid vest with neon heels, then PLEASE (for the sake of humanity) DON’T LET HER LEAVE THE HOUSE IN THAT OUTFIT. You’d want her to do the same for you.

Number 4: Back your friend up no matter what, even if she is wrong. This shows her that you have her back, that she can trust you, and that ultimately she can be herself around you without feeling stupid or dumb. If she is wrong, tell her later, not announcing it for the world to hear.

Number 5: If needed, be her wing-woman. If you see a friend getting unwanted attention from a guy, step in and be on her side, diverting his attention to something else other than her. Same goes for if she’s wanting to get someone’s attention. Be on her side and talk up how awesome she is. Also know when the right time to walk away to “get a drink” to let them talk.

And drumroll please!!!

Number 6: If a girl has a boyfriend, you better BACK. OFF. This rule is something that should be obvious, but is so many times ignored. If a girl has a boyfriend and you are excessively touching his arm or hugging him, laughing too much at his corny jokes, or batting your eyelashes, that’s the same thing as FLIRTING. He’s taken, honey. Let it go.

So there you go! Like I said, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but just a few top things that you should know when considering Girl Code. Sometimes there are exceptions, but generally, these are the main one’s to stick by.

*Disclaimer: If any of these rules are broken, chocolate (or some form of chocolate) should be offered with sincere apologies.*

Ok love you all! and STRESS LESS!


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