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10/27/2013 by diaryofamissionarykid

What do you get when you combine college students, flannel, bales of hay, a dunking booth, root beer, a roaring fire, a wood chopping contest, and square-dancing? A HOEDOWN! That’s right, last night the CIU student body gathered in the woods on campus at the pavilion and had a fantastic time! I have to admit, as someone who has always had a weakness for cowboy boots and dancing, I was sure in my element. The weather was cold enough to keep you dancing, and there were plenty of partners to go around.

526447_653507654679680_1426034424_nMy friends Amy, Helen, and Elizabeth hitched a ride in the back of a pick-up down to the pavilion, and then hung out until the rest of the gang got there. There was tons of food, and there was even a pump keg of root beer. The photobooth was up and running and Amy took pictures for the night. As soon as there was enough people, we started up a circle and learned some moves. Pretty soon we were square-dancing all over the floor! we had the usual fun extra things, like painting a pumpkin, all the fall food you could possibly eat, and the contests.

There was a wood chopping contest (which generally, all the manliest men tried for), and then there was the pie eating contest. A girl from my hall (and Helen’s roommate), Sylvia, was in it as well as my RA from last year, Challie. Each had a fourth of a pumpkin pie set before them, piled high with whipped cream. Now, let me tell you a little something about Challie: Challie cannot (and I mean CANNOT) stand the texture of whipped cream. Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 6.44.14 PMShe just can’t. Last year, as a joke, we sprayed almost a full can of whipped cream into her mouth and then watched her paralyzed attempt at waddling to a trash can to spit it out. So imagine for yourself, this lovely RA, face first in whipped cream and pie. It was a fantastic sight!😀 Challie didn’t win, but she did have a good time, and all of us made sure give her an extra big hug when it was over.

If you have never had the pleasure of going to a hoedown, you need to find your local ‘giddy-up’ joint, and head there immediately. Bring along a couple of good friends and have yourself a fine time! Don’t forget those boot-scootin’ boys as well! If he doesn’t know how to dance, then yee-dawgies!, he better be learnin’ mighty quick, ya hear!? And to all you guys out there, listen to this and listen well: All girls like a man who can dance.

And all God’s cowgirls said: YEE-HAW!


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Hey! I'm Hannah Jones, a Bosnian Missionary Kid turned American College Student. I’m new to the States, and still trying to make sense of the vast array of cereals. I’m here to tell my story and to laugh out my mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones. I go where God wants me to, and I try to never forget that He’s placed me here for a reason. I go to Columbia International University in Columbia, SC, and majoring in Media Arts. I want my story to bless you, and hopefully share what God is doing in my every day life.

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