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11/11/2013 by Hannah R.

Ok so I’m sure you have all noticed that one way or anther, time seems to fly. My mom has always had this saying that says “Gone, gone, gone, like a sad, sad, song.” It can be used in practically every situation, including time. Time doesn’t just seem to fly, but SAIL. Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 4.06.07 PM

I am currently experiencing this as November is humming along, and deadlines are approaching at a much greater rate than I had anticipated. As of today, Monday, November 11th, my ‘to do’ list has grown from medium to long to ridiculous. As you should already know from my videos, I’m in a play this semester. The play is called Play On! and it’s about a theater cast that is putting on a play called Murder Most Foul. Not only is this play fun, but it’s confusing. To us. As an audience, everything is downright hilarious, but learning those lines is insane. Take for instance my friend Kinsey: Kinsey plays Marla Smith (Smitty) who plays Doris-The Maid in the play within a play. Not only does she have to learn her lines as Smitty, but she also has to learn her lines as Doris. And not just Doris’ lines either, but her mess-ups as well. Not only does Kinsey have to learn the everyday jargon of Smitty, but she also has to know the correct lines for Murder Most Foul which Doris says, while also remembering that Smitty messes up Doris’ lines as Kinsey is trying to remember when to say the correct line and when to say the messed-up line, all the while not to mess up during the play (Play On!) of a play within a play (Murder Most Foul). Get it?

Ok here’s a couple more things on the list. As there are four more weeks of school left (not counting Thanksgiving Break), all of the projects are going to be due. That’s the math projects, Video Production projects, Graphic Design assignments and homework, New Testament studying and assignments,  and 30 hours of volunteer work, which doesn’t include all the sleeping, actual class, or doing all the non-school related things I have to do like work. I work at the library as a shelver, which I must say really brings out the inner Belle in me. But I’ll talk about that some OTHER time…

“Sometimes the best thing to do is to procrastinate at procrastinating and just get that sucker done…” -A Very Wise Mother

Why is it there there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to finish all that we have to do. I do realize that I would be getting a lot more done if I closed my computer and got to working on my Math project that’s due tomorrow morning at 8 am. This would probably be the smart thing to do, but procrastination will endure.

And to be perfectly honest, I’m not actually procrastinating, but rather taking a break. I’ve been working my behind off going from one thing to another. I only pray for a break. But like I said earlier, time FLIES. Now I only pray that time between now and Thanksgiving break will fly, and then that those two weeks until winter break will fly as well.

All right, I guess that’s my cue to head out. Enjoy the day/week, and…

Don’t forget to iron your socks!


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