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11/14/2013 by Hannah R.

t1larg.atlanta.airportSomething I’ve run into as an MK is the question: “How many countries have you been to?” Now, as MKs, we make it a rule that this question will always come with a second one attached to it. When we sit around and ask each other, it usually comes out sounding more like this: “Hey, so not counting airports, how many countries have you been to?” If you’re a missionary kid, military kid, third-culture kid, or just travel a lot, you know that a big part of flying is the layovers in between. Now, I could say that I’ve had a layover in London, England multiple times, and though I was technically in the country, I never stepped outside the airport, and therefore, can’t stick it in my list of countries. I’m going to take a moment to brag here and say my list of countries contains 15. Perks of being an awkward MK… (BOSNIA, United States, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, Russia, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Kosevo, & Slovenia)

Airline food in commercials.

Airline food in commercials.

Something discussed among MKs are the airline food. One thing that I have come to understand about frequent flyers, is that as a whole, we are divided when it comes to the food. Some of us love it and think it’s the best part about the flight, and some of us, *cough cough*, would rather die of hunger than eat the stuff. My personal opinion is that when it comes to economy airplane food, even the smell will make me wish I had a parachute to exit the plane without delay. I think one of my issues, is that in the commercials it looks super yummy with it’s soup, pasta, and soft-looking bread.

What mine always seems to look like.

What mine always seems to look like.

And then it comes, and it smells like…er….something dead. You unwrap the foil gingerly and it looks more the airline ran out of food so took someone else’s leftovers and then ran it over with a luggage cart and then just wrapped it up in foil again. I know I may be exaggerating, but like I said, that’s just personal opinion.

Have you ever been to a city/place that you think is pretty cool, and then you find out that someone else has been to the same place? So then you have this great conversations and both of you discuss shortcuts, pros and cons, and fun things to do. MKs do the same thing, only we sit around and talk about airports. It is generally agreed that the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, GA is the most busy airport to go through. As someone who flies out of the ATL airport all the time, it always makes me laugh when someone brings up the complicated train system or the multiple maze-like international terminals. I’ve had quite a few good conversations with fellow MK-ers who share my disdain for the Munich International Airport in Germany. We compare airlines, airport food, longest layovers, airport security checks, how many times your luggage was lost, and so on and so forth. We discuss changes in luggage prices and how many times our families have been split up over a span of 17 rows and how we ended up sitting next to the sweet old man who only spoke five words in English and yet continued a conversation for three out of nine hours. We compare the longest flights and craziest turbulence.

[Insert personal story here]
Since Bosnia is a mere 6 hour difference from EST (GA time), the nine hour flight over the Atlantic is usually me and my family’s longest flight. This flight can be the biggest pain because your brain is telling you to stay awake, but the light is disappearing and you know you’ll be able to fight the jet-lag better if you sleep. I usually end up with an isle seat next to my sister at the window, or (with my luck) the very of the middle seat of five next to perfectly odd strangers. One particular time, though, the unthinkable happened. As me and my family boarded the plane for our three hour flight into SJJ, we found the plane ultimately EMPTY. Ok, well not entirely… there were about 20 passengers in total on the plane, which was unthinkable! So, with the ok from a flight attendant, we spread out and I took a lovely three hour nap sprawled out across five middle seats. Best. Flight. Ever.

Ok well that’s all I’ve got for now, so I better get back to this thing they call a Latte. Enjoy the coming weekend, and…

Happy flying!



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