Video: [Ep. 5] The Hannah and Jacqueline Show

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12/01/2013 by Hannah R.

So as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s been a while since my last post. As you probably have also noticed, Friday came and went, and no H&J episode was posted. Sorry about that as well. Thanksgiving break hit, and with all the crazyiness involved with THAT, Jackie and I didn’t have a chance to show you our newest show! It went up on youtube, but not on either of our blogs. But have no fear! Though it’s a week late, I shall present to you now:
The Thanksgiving Vigilante

If you didn’t notice, my roommate, Megan, was in this episode! We needed an extra and she was ok with being yelled at. As it turns out, me and J-Quizzle are pretty serious directors. Megan did well though, in our little sketch, and even gave us an idea for a future show! Shout out to my roomie for being AMAZING!!!

H&J Show LogoSecond announcement of the day: Jacqueline spent some hard work on something for the show! She created a logo for us, which is [I must say] B-E-A-U-TIFUL! Well done Jacqueline! If you want to check out her blog, her link is

And here’s the third and final announcement! Our moose friend up in the right hand corner of the site has gone through a little change! He’s grown a Rudolf nose and has entangled himself in a string of Christmas lights. Hope you enjoy it for the December month!

I promise to post something else soon, as soon as I find the time to breathe!

Happy December 1st!


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