Backs and Breaks

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03/13/2014 by Hannah R.

It has been way too long since my last post, and I’m not proud of it. This semester has been a huge mess of classes and work and late nights spent either studying, or pushing a truck to Waffle House. That one will have to wait another day…

But back to classes. This semester has been mostly taken over with Hermeneutics and Philosophy, with an occasional Photography assignment thrown in. Hermeneutics, if you didn’t know, is basically tearing apart the Bible by looking at word studies and original Greek and the dreaded mechanical layouts. Then there’s Philosophy with Dr. Gentry, who scares the living tar out of me, but has a brain that I wish I could steal. Can you imaging the conversations I could have if I had Gentry’s brain for an afternoon?

My friends: “Wow, Hannah! That was so interesting! I wish I could just take notes all the time when we discuss the deep philosophical reasoning and understanding of our lunchtime cafeteria pizza!”

Let’s just say: It’d be nice.

5f72b12af4fbbc5d623ba38ff6c90af5BUT! Spring Break is almost here for me, and I’ll be heading off to NC with some friends to just chill and have a fab time 🙂 My friend Katie has a farm, and so a lot of photos will be taken, a lot of memories made, and a whole bucket-full of craziness. I think right about now, the entire student body is looking forward to the magical world of SB, and it’s not just the students, either. I overheard a prof say that if he could just survive until Spring Break, he wouldn’t loose his mind on the students.

I don’t know about you guys, but as an MK, the idea of Spring Break didn’t really have much meaning to me. If you’re a normal American kid (Why yes. I did just put you all in a box), you might have experienced Spring Break by going to the beach with your family, or heading to visit family up north, or just anything at all that wanted to be done before school starts back up. For me, on the other hand, Spring Break wasn’t really a thing. We didn’t really have a break from school because by the time SB came around, we’d already had multiple breaks, and classifying them as “SPRING” ones, just didn’t make sense.

In Bosnian school, they have no Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, or Easter breaks. They just have January. January is usually the coldest month of the year with the most snow of the year, and therefore it makes sense to close down the schools (less heating) and send all the kids home to enjoy the warmth. As an MK we did pretty much the same thing. Except usually I had the whole month of December off, because I was so obsessed with Christmas. But again…another story for another time.

So as you all go forth and experience the joy that is Spring Break, don’t go too crazy, and enjoy those awesome memories you’ll make. Drive/fly safe, and


…errr…not yourself…just spring….


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