Faraway Food

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09/06/2014 by Hannah R.

I think that one of the hardest things about being a missionary kid, is the fact that not only do we miss our countries and the people in them, but we also miss food. As a general rule, my two days back in Bosnia, I try and eat Zeljanica. If you aren’t from the Balkans and aren’t familiar with Zeljanica, let me explain: Zeljanica (pronounced “zel-YAH-nit-sah”) is a pastry with paper thin dough wrapped around a mixture of cheese and spinach. Zeljanica is actually a variation of Bosnian Pita which has all different types. There can be meat (Burek-and most common), cheese (Sirnica), pumpkin or squash (Tikvica) and most yummily, ZELJANICA!

79c8f51ff2a102619320c9d88ae35a93Zeljanica is Bosnia’s version of fast food. Except it tastes better than any version of American fast food anywhere. It’s soft and tasty and I normally eat it with a tall glass of cold yogurt. No hating! In Bosnia, we can get yogurt that’s drinkable and it’s sweet and yummy and thick!

Back to my point.

So today, as I sat a my desk in the library, waiting for someone to need help with a book, I decided to look up Bosnian restaurants in the area. After all, late lunches and no breakfast create a great appetite, and what better way to make my stomach noises louder by looking up amazing food! Unfortunately, the more I looked, the more disappointed I got. Apparently, the closest Bosnian restaurant is an hour and a half away in North Carolina, which is fine, except for the fact that college students = not-a-lot-of-money-for-gas-just-for-comfort-food. So that was kind of out of the question.

So here I am, with a grumbly tumbly, and wishing for Bosnian food when something dawns on me. I’m a capable woman! I can make my own Zeljanica! After all, I’ve seen it done plenty of times, and my mom has made it at home as well! So here’s the whole point to this post today: Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon, I shall make Zeljanica. I’m going to go shopping today and pick up what I need, and then stick it in the fridge for tomorrow!

“…college students = not-a-lot-of-money-for-gas-just-for-comfort-food. So that was kind of out of the question”

I’ll post pictures and report of my failure or accomplishment, and report back as to whether it was a good idea, or a bad idea…

Anyways, ya’ll enjoy your lunch now, ya hear?! And don’t forget to prune your roses!


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