Tags and Titles & Getting-Lost-In-The-Rain

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08/22/2014 by Hannah R.

So I realize that though I had all the time in the world to be writing this summer, I ended up not posting anything. BUT I did write! So here’s a special little something I found in a file marked “POST TO DOAMK!” (which I of course had forgotten the meaning…) So here goes!


So up till today I had considered a title to be something more along the lines of:

Duchess Hannah Marion Jones, ruler of the seven southern isles

or at least something more like

Bored Hannah Jay, cheerleader for unemployed summer college students everywhere

Either way, the above statement probably gave you an inside look into my current lifestyle. I’ve been chilling at the “Temple Household” getting some stuff worked out, and hoping patiently for a job opportunity for the summer. I expected summer to be a little more sunbathing and a little less mosquito-swatting. I’ve applied for some jobs, but the response has basically been “I’m sorry, but you’re only here for a month, so we can’t hire you for such little time.” It stinks, but it’s life. No one wants to hire a college student who’s leaving the state to go back to school in two months. But HEY! this leads me to my original point…Titles.

I got a car!! Can I just say that it was such a GOD thing that I’m actually surprised I don’t yet have a job… After all, HE provided the car, so I’m confident HE’ll provide the job. 😀


*i seriously have to work on this squirrel habit of mine…I MUST STAY ON TRACK!!!*

I had yet another wonderful MK moment. Apparently when you get your car, you have to go to an office and get a title and tag for your car. **GASP!! You mean, they DON’T come attached??!?** No. They don’t. So I was completely lost on what to do. Luckily enough, I have a great family and Austin and Lauren went with me so I wasn’t alone. I followed their car in my wonderful white ’98 Lexus and pulled into the parking spot next to them. As we walked in, I felt extremely out of place. Well, actually I felt more like a happy vanilla wafer, that got lost somewhere in the folds of a black leather couch. If you get my drift. I stood in line for what felt like eternity and then walked up to the lady at the desk to get my number. She commented on my smile and soft voice, which I suppose was unusual in a building where everyone looked in pain, and hollered about EVERYTHING.

I finally got everything worked out and was handed my happy little licence plate and new title. I just couldn’t wait to get home and find my screwdriver! So as we walked out to the parking lot, Austin dropped the bomb on me: They weren’t going home.


***IMPORTANT! If you’re following along in the story, you will at this point have realized that I had followed them here, and therefor had no idea how to get home on my own.***


Meanwhile, a panic began to overtake me, as Austin reassured me over and over again how simple it was to get home. His final sentence to me was: “So once you get to the exit, you know how to get home, right?”

It never occurred to me that there were multiple exits.

So I nodded and got in my car and drove away.




Needless to say, I got off at the wrong exit as the rain began, and then drove through the downpour looking for the right road to take me down the right street, but forgot to turn left, but wasn’t it turn right, right? or was it left, right? or just left? RIGHT??! Oh. And then on top of that my phone was dying, so calling someone for help might be a bad idea if my phone stopped working in the middle of said call. I finally made up my mind to make the call, and through my Aunt looking my location on Google Maps, found out where I was and walked me through how to get home. I did eventually make it, and everything worked out fine. Now that I’ve been driving more, I pretty much understand how to get around without getting TOO lost.

Hope you all had as INTERESTING of a summer as I did 😀

Happy Driving! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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